Analysis and Plans

Light Steel is Totally Revolutionizing BUILDING Methods and Procedures!

Light steel structures are FACTORY assembled, based on very stringent, Company specifications, to become walls, floors and roof trusses, according to the shape and size required. Particular care is given to insulation and soundproofing concerns—Company specialties on which Structures ModulMax’s reputation and expertise are built.

Structures ModulMax guarantees the tolerance and load-bearing capacity of its structures. Following a thorough analysis of the needs and expectations presented to them, the Company’s specialists turn their thirty or so years of experience to good account in order to review construction project plans and be able to prepare an estimate that will serve as the framework for their proposal.

If need be, the Company comments on or recommends timely or necessary changes that will then often give rise to savings with regard to time or money or to insulation or energy efficiency.


In order to benefit from the advantages and special features of lightweight steel construction, the analysis must be carried out and plans revised to ensure that the smallest details respect, favor and benefit from the load capacities and process tolerances.

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